Our dining room

Valter and the Artist making sausage

La Peppina making fresh pasta

San Valentino ai Fondacci

Our restaurant
At I Fondacci we prepare traditional Emilian cuisine, with it's seasonal and local variations; you can try our Tortellini, revisited Tortelloni, gnocchi, and Peppina's Dessert, prepared according to an old family recipe

And then there's the classic Tigelle bread and fried crescentine, all made with stone ground flour; fried polenta and hand made tagliatelle, with Bolonaise ragu or, when in season, with fresh mushrooms or truffles.

The vegetable garden and orchard provide fresh fruit and produce when in season, and preserves and jams for the wintertime.

It is also possible to have game meat, Venison and wild boar upon previous ordination, as our lodge is placed in the midst of prime hunting grounds.

Booking is appreciated at:
PHONE: 338 665 68 53
EMAIL: info@fondacci.it

Società Agricola s.s.

Via Orelia, n° 38 - Località Fondazzi - 40030 Grizzana Morandi (BO) - PHONE: 338 665 68 53 - mail: info@fondacci.it - web: www.fondacci.it
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