Montovolo: St. Catherine's sanctuary

La Scola: inside the hamlet
The lake of Suviana: tree climbing at the Saltapicchio
Regional Park of the Corno alle Scale: ski resort
Places nearby

During spring and summer you can have lunch or a snack outside, under ancient oak trees, and there are great walks and hikes you can take: you can go visit
St. Catherine's Sanctuary which sits on top the mountain, donning breathtaking views of the appennines, or go explore the medieval village of La Scola,, and the newly refurbished castle of the Rocchetta with its Moorish and exotic architectures architecture.

You can keep updated on the local events visiting the web site of the Municipality of Grizzana Morandi.

Just west of us you have the lake of Suviana with it's refreshing waters perfect for a summer swim and the Saltapicchio adventure park,, where you can go on a treeclimbing course to look for thrills .

Last but not least there's the ski resort of the Regional Park of the Corno alle Scale (

For anybody inending to visit us, we remind you that dinners are served Friday through Sunday, and lunches on Saturdays and Sundays.

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